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Paper Bowls DIY - In The Air

by Djeco

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A comprehensive creative kit to make 2 decorative paper bowls using only paper and glue. Simply glue the big confetti onto the moulds using the liquid glue, first on the inside and then on the outside of the bowl, leave to dry, and unmould them. Then, they’re ready to use! 

Unique crafting activity to create real paper bowls for children aged 7 years and upwards. There are two bowls in the kit; small (9 cm) and large (12 cm).

Using the plastic palette simply release the glue so you can dip the brush into it without getting it all over the place, making it easier to catch the confetti. The bowl moulds are not opaque: they are transparent so you can see where you’re gluing the confetti and build your illustration the way you want.

The step-by-step instructions provided will help your child create.


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