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Casa Amalfi - Blue Maiolica 3 Soap Set

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 Indulge in a sensory journey with this gift box, a harmonious symphony of artistry and nature. Discover two sublime body soaps and one luxurious body scrub, elegantly complemented by a hand-painted ceramic soap dish hailing from the picturesque Vietri Sul Mare. Each element is thoughtfully curated to offer you an experience of unmatched beauty and allure.

Blue Grotto Fresh Acqua Marine: Allow the enchanting embrace of a fresh sea breeze to transport you to the enchanting shores of Capri, evoking memories of long, sun-kissed summers. Immerse yourself in the essence of tranquility as you lather in the invigorating fragrance.

Sunset in Procida Honey & Vanilla: Envelop your senses in a sweet, silky foam, enriched with shea butter and jojoba oil that leaves your skin smooth and hydrated with a lingering perfume. Reminiscent of golden sunsets on the island of Procida.

Ischia Water Jasmine & Chamomile Body Scrub: Embark on a sensuous journey with this lush body scrub, designed to illuminate your skin. As its fragrant embrace caresses you, a profound sense of tranquility and inner peace will envelop your being.


Vegan & Animal Cruelty Free
100% Made in Italy


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