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Neom Mini Pod - Nude


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Ideal for smaller spaces, the NEOM Wellbeing Pod Mini Essential Oil Diffuser welcomes aromas at the touch of a button.

Designed for use with NEOM’s essential oil blends, the compact, battery-powered diffuser is perfect for spaces such as your bathroom, home office and even car, with the oil vaporising directly from the bottle without the need for heat or water.

Whether choosing an invigorating or comforting scent, the easy-to-use dial allows you to choose the intensity of your fragrance.

NEOM Essential Oil Blends sold separately.


  • Compact size and travel-friendly
  • No water needed
  • Battery operated and fully portable once charged
  • USB cable for charging
  • Three settings to adjust the intensity

Simply place your favourite NEOM Essential Oil Blend inside the Pod Mini. Using cold diffusion technology, essential oils are converted into micro fine vapour without using heat or water and released into the atmosphere to stimulate your senses and boost your wellbeing.

The NEOM Wellbeing Pod Mini is battery operated and comes with a USB cable for charging.

Also included is a device to help remove the stopper on the end of the NEOM Essential Oil Blend bottle.

Handle with care. Do not soak in water. Use NEOM Essential Oil Blends, other essential oil bottles may not fit.


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