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Harris Tweed Doggie Poo Bag Dispenser


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For the poshest of pooches - your very own Harris tweed doggie bag dispenser! A great gift that's a sure winner for your dog walking chums.

We cannot guarantee the colour of tweed but you will receive one of the six shown.

"Stop messin' about" features Sherlock Bones, Scotland yard's top dog with a nose for sniffing out Haggis. An ace shot and stealthy tracker he never leaves a poo print!

Guaranteed to bring a smile, the wee pouch measures around 6.5 cm x 8.5 cm and can attach to your dog lead or keyring. Containing three oxo-biodegradable doggie bags it ensures you always have that emergency stash. Supplied with our wooden dog poo laser cut key fob :)

The illustration is based on my beautiful Lurcher boy called Binker (who's never seen a haggis in real life). He's a rescue from our local SSPCA and has truly landed on his feet, he cuts a fine figure as king of the hills in our Angus glens. The phrase "Stop messin' about" is a nod to Kennith Williams and Round the Horne, a comedy which aired on the radio in the late 1960s. Anyone else a fan?

This product is handmade in Angus from Scotland's iconic Harris tweed which is produced solely on the islands of Harris and Lewis in the Outer Hebrides.


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